Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mike Huckabee Jokes About Obama Getting Shot

This footage is from just yesterday when Mike Huckabee was making a speech at the National Riffle Association (NRA). What do you think about these comments that Mike Huckabee made? Are they out of line or are people just overreacting?


Joseph said...

I am curious, why are Conservatives constantly bashing Huckabee? I constantly hear them refer to him as Huckleberry among other names. I thought name calling and making fun of names went out of style once you graduated 6th grade?

I constantly hear Governor Huckabee referred to as Former Pastor or Preacher and some even refer to him as still being a Preacher or Pastor when in fact, he hasn't been for more than 13 years. Not to mention the fact that he was Governor (10.5 years) longer than he was a Pastor (8 years).

Yet you never hear Mitt Romney referred to as Bishop Romney. Mitt Romney was indeed a Bishop of the Mormon faith for 3+ years. He was also "Stake" president in the Massachusetts area which oversaw all temples in Massachusetts. I would think that if we are going to constantly refer to Huckabee as Pastor, then we should give Bishop Romney equal time.

As for Liberals, Obama gets a pass when he refers to small town America as being bitter and "clinging to God and guns". The double standard is just too funny. I am amazed at just how blind and/or stupid we are as a society these days.

Lee said...

Quite a comment, and we welcome such insightful thoughts...I too am not a fan of Huckabee and I like Romney...but the reason is the way they handle themselves...not so much what they have done...on a final note...Huckabee is a funny name, what else can you say about that...thanks for the comment